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Here are some of my favorite sites

LINKS I ENJOY:This is the big one. I use it all the time.


Here's a link to the West Central Florida Section website


Here's a link to the NI4CE Repeater System, an amazing linkedrepeater system here in West Central Florida


This is an old friend from The Meriden ARC in Connecticut. A club I still belong to, by the way.

Quicksilver Radio Products  

Here is the local club I belong to. 

. If you live in the Bradenton area, join us at the Manatee Amateur Radio Club.

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month from September through May at the American Red Cross Chapter House on 59th Street West in Bradenton.   

Manatee ARC

This is a link to KV5R's technical articles and the club he belongs to. Harold has some very good articles for the beginning homebrewer. Harold designed the original version of the OCF Sleeve Dipole that I modified and wrote about for a QST article. He is a fantastic resource for Amateur Radio. Take a look.

KV5R's Technical Articles and more

This club is just getting started again after many years in limbo. For now we meet on an Echo-Link Net once a week. It is open to anyone with an association with Yale University, not just graduates, If you worked there, or went to school there, you are eligible. See their site for more details.

W1YU The Yale Amateur Radio Club

All Electronics: One of those places with an ever changing assortment of overstock and surplus electronic stuff that may just be perfect for your next home-brewed project.

All Electronics:

Tower Elecronics: These people seem to be at every hamfest I attend, anywhere in the country. They have an abundance of those things you just cannot get anywhere else, like coiled mic cords, coax adapters, windscreens for microphones and the like, plus sooo much more.

Tower Electronics

DX Engineering: These guys specialize in antenna and antenna supports. As the name implies, they are one of the go-to places for antenna components and other similar gear.

DX Engineering

MPJA: right here in Florida, so shipping will be quick. In some ways similar to All Electronics, but with a slightly different mixture of products. Their web site is easy to navigate around and the people are very friendly.


Joe Leggio's RDF Web Site

Joe Leggio, WB2HOL, has a great web site for Radio Direction Finding, also known as "Fox Hunting" There are plans and instructions on building yagi antennas and attenuators to make the hunt easier and more fun.

G4WPW Microphone Connections

       This site is very helpful anytime you want to adapt a microphone to a different radio, or even build a homebrewed microphone to connect to a transceiver. G4WPW has done an outstanding job of collecting and arranging all of this information and I have used his site many, many times.


This site has practice exams, flash cards and discussion of the answers to test questions. The site is free to use and a very good resource for those looking to get their first license or to upgrade an existing license.


Since the NIST Time site is still unable to work with the latest version of Java, I found a different site which not only gives one the exact time at your local area but also gives you the time in several other locations. It also tells you exactly how many seconds your computer clock is off!

Coaxial Cable Info

This is a page on Wikipedia that deals exensively with coaxial cable of many types. A very good resource.

KB6OT Web Site: www.kb6ot.com

 Thiss is Richard, KB6OT's web site. A small site but he has very important info on it. Namely, how to shut off the dreaded WIRES function on your Yaesu Radio. This information has also been posted on my web site. The Nav panel on the left side has it at the very bottom of the Nav Panel. This was done with Richard's permission to expand the availability of this important info.


This link was added at the request of a reader 


​This link was added at the request of a reader who teaches a class for a local STEM club in Vermont. 


This link was added at the request of a Girl Scout who found my site while working on her Engineering badge> I am happy to oblige.

https://alansfactoryoutlet.com/a-beginners-guide-to-soldering-metal-circuits-and-more/  This link was suggested by Nicole, a member of a Girls Stem club who found it during her own research and thought it would be a good addition to my links page. I heartily agree. Thanks, Nicole.

https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Info/All-About-Electronic-Circuits-for-Kids This link came from Susan Abelman and her son Liam and his pal Jack, who are scouts. Unfortunately I have no idea where they live but I certainly appreciate the link.

I have every intention of adding more links to this page as I find good web sites to recommend.

You will also find a bunch of links on the "Welcome to Amateur Radio" page elsewhere on this web site. On January 22, I finally got around to making those links at the bottom of that page active as are the links on this page. As I find more links of interest, I will add them to this "Links" page.