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        I have finally received the correct color blend of ground foam from my supplier and as soon as I can get to it, scenicking will begin in earnest. Today it is Post Office, shopping, Dan Mobely playing at AMOB and probably getting my laundry done. All this too shall pass aqnd then I can get back to the railroad.

        Well, I went looking for 70% rubbing alcohol today (it is used as a wetting agent for ground cover on the layout) and discovered that the entire world has gone mad. Every store I tried was out of rubbing alcohol and out of those little alcohol soaked pads that I need to take my blood sugar. I was able to order a box of those from Amazon, but no rubbing alcohol to be had anywhere. What are these people doing, taking baths in rubbing alcohol. Simply mind boggling. I saw a statistic today that said about 5000 people worldwide have died of Coronavirus and the world goes nuts, last year heart disease killed over ten times that many and KFC sells donut chicken sandwiches. The world is NUTS.

     It occured to me this morning that there was still work to do on previous portions of the layout. Specifically, there was no fence around the sand and gravel dealer at all. This also meant there was no separation between the railroad yard and the gravel dealer either. With task selected I set to work building a 9 foot tall fence around the dealer. The total length turned out to be some 28 and 1/2 inches in the horizontal and 1 and 1/4 inches vertically. I checked to make sure I had enough strip wood and began to construct the fence. It was built in two sections, one 8 and 1/2 inches to separate the dealer from the adjoining factory building and one 20 inches long for the area between the railroad yard and the dealer's property. Once constructed these fence sections were painted a medium brown, deliberately spotty in some areas to create a worn look. As soon as I can get the fence installed I will add a photo of the scene. Photo now added

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