N1GY- The simple Approach to Ham Radio

and My Model Railroad Hobby


. Once the curtains are made to hide the underside of the benchwork (probably in June when the muslin fabric finally gets here) the necessary parts of construction of the supporting benchwork will be done and I can turn my attention to the small details like signs, people, motor vehicles etc, and of course the operation of the railroad. By the way, my supply of couplers has been replentished and the final two box cars are on the layout.

       This is the first, but probably not the last change on the layout. In order that the main line does not go directly through a coaling tower, I moved it to track 2 of the turntable feeder tracks. THis is not without precedent in the real world. I have seen photos of the prototype where the industrial spur for a coal dealer was off the turntable and there is room on the turntable for a loco and one car. 

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