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This new guy is a GE 70 tonner loco. Currently unmarked, I hope to have signage made for the  museum railroad some day soon.

The new locomotive for the SP Daylight train is a PA-1 that I picked up at the train show, along with an observation car seen below.

Here is another geared locomotive usually used in the logging or mining industry. Called a "Climax" locomotive, the cylinders are hiding behind the wooden sides near the front of the loco.

This is known as a "Galloping Goose". This one happens to be HO gauge but the real ones were 3 foot narrow gauge.

This is my only, so far, New York New Haven and Hartford RR locomotive. It is an F-3 from the Mcginness days.

This is the latest aquisition in two ways. It is my latest , yes, and also the final SW-1500 in my sub-collection of NW-2 through SW-1500 locomotives of which I have 5 at present. I am not sure why I like these little switch engines so much, but I do. THey are my vary favorite loco but I think 5 is enough. 

I saw this at the Model Railroad Club today and honestly, I just could not resist it. It followed me home and although I do not model The Great Northern Railroad, I just had to add it to the roster. The layout is a railroad museum of sorts, after all.

This loco, an FP-40 from Canada's VIA rail (The Canadian equivalent of Amtrak) fills the last open slot on the long shelf over the layout. I do plan on building another shelf over another part of the layout, but that will have to wait for a while.

This is the latest display shelf, a duplicate of the one i put over the first part of the layout. I still have room for 2 more Daylight cars on the shelf, hopefully I will find them at the Train Show that our club is putting on this weekend at the Manatee Civic Center in Palmetto. If not, there is always E-Bay. 

Another first for me is this Amtrak FP-40. It adds to the collection that I planned to represent a real variety of american railroads. I am almost out of space so the aquisitions will have to slow down soon.

The postal service kindly brought me the rest of my Daylight train today. I had to change the couplers on all 3 cars but that was a simple task. There is one more car arriving tomorrow which will replace one of the other cars in the consist, but length wise the train is complete.

I also picked up three new additions to my NW-2/SW-7 collection Rock Island, Southern, and a second Seaboard Coast Line are now in their new home.

This is my second "Burro Crane" on the layout. I just couldn't resist it. A new set of Kaydees went on easily and it now faces the other one across the flat car in between them.

These 5 new shorty gondolas were a steal at only $20 for all 5. I have been meaning to add more of these ore carriers to my collection for some time so mission accomplished.

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The somewhat larger unit on the right hand side of this photo is a self propelled ballast car with a crane both for ballast containers and whatever would be too heavy for the crane behind the speeder. This completes my MOW collection as I already have a 250 ton crane and boom car as well as numerous other cars associated with the MOW crews.

This is my latest, a MOW crew in a speeder with a crane car and a trailer car behind. The entire assembly takes up the same space as the loco just above, but the speeder actually is powered. Unfortunately, I see no way to add DCC to this one.

This little oddity, turned out to be a self-propelled track cleaner from Bachmann. I just have a weakness for odd railroad items so I grabbed it when I found out the price was only $15. .

This is the latest aquisition (number 9) for the NW-2 through SW-1500 collection. I am selecting locos with great paint jobs and avoiding all black ones like Pennsylvania RR.