N1GY- The simple Approach to Ham Radio

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I have built both this antenna and KV5R's original design. They both work perfectly. I use the tape on PVC version (KV5R's original design) as a field expedient antenna for events or emergency deployments. My version is installed on my home at about 15 feet above ground as my primary VHF/UHF antenna for my Icom IC-706MkIIG. They both perform very well all across both bands. Note the 4-5 turn common mode choke at the base of the antenna. Good practice even if not seriously necessary‚Äč

A Homebrewed VHF/UHF Antenna

A Very Easy Dual Band Antenna

This antenna is a modification of an excellent antenna designed
by KV5R. You can view the original design at www.athensarc.org/sleevedipole.htm
Here is my version, using aluminum tubing instead of metal tape.