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Programming The FT-7900R

Having aquired a Yaesu FT-7900R I thought I would post  this guide to programming the memories without a computer

Basic Memory Programming for the FT-7900R
1.                  Momentarily push the V/M button to get to VFO.
2.                  Adjust main dial to get receive frequency
3.                  If tone is required push TONE button repeatedly to get ENC on display
4.                  Push and hold BAND button for ½ second to get to menu
5.                  Turn main dial (if necessary) to get to #44 TN FREQ
6.                  Push BAND momentarily to enable adjustment of tone
7.                  Rotate main dial to select tone frequency.
8.                  Press BAND momentarily to set tone freq.
9.                  Push and hold BAND for ½ second to return to normal operation.
10.              Press and hold V/M -MW button for ½ second. A memory # will flash in upper left of display. Within 10 seconds rotate main dial to select memory channel you wish to fill.
11.              Press V/M MW momentarily to program memory with contents of VFO. You will see MEM-IN.
12.              Press V/M button momentarily to change to memory mode.
13.              Repeat above steps as needed to load each memory.
​Comments: When you press and hold V/M- MW for ½ sec, the memory # will flash in upper left of display. The number flashing will be the next available empty memory slot. If that is the memory # you wish to fill, then push VM-MW momentarily to program that slot.            The number of steps to program one memory may seem excessive, but you will quickly become adept at knocking them out very speedily once you get used to the system.            As with all of the recent Yaesu radios, there is a big difference as to what you will get if you hold the button too long, or not long enough. When Yaesu says “momentarily” they mean it. Just tap the button. “Push and hold for ½ second” also means just that. Push the button down and hold until the function you are looking for pops up on the display. This is really a very short time span (1/2 second)            If you wait longer than 10 seconds to rotate the main dial when selecting a channel, the radio will revert to its previous state. You will then have to do step 10 again and continue from there.            The computer program and cable available for these rigs is very nice, but if you pay attention and work carefully, you should be able to program this radio with 60 memories in less than 1 hour. I suggest you make out a list of the repeaters and simplex frequencies you wish to program along with the tones needed. Then sit down and commence programming. 
           You can also program in the power level you wish to use on each memory by setting the power level while in VFO mode. When you write the VFO contents to memory, the power level will be written as well. 
           Read the manual completely. Almost every question you can ask about the FT-7900R will be answered in the user manual.

           Remember: WHEN IN DOUBT READ THE MANUAL.