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Real Rail Model Railroad Club

We're All About Trains!

      This model railroad club, of which I am a member, Used to be known once upon a time as the Sarasota Model Railroad Club. When the club moved to new quarters in Bradenton a number of years ago the name change was in order. Being a 501 C3 organization, the name now stands in part for Railroad Education And Learning Center.

       The club is located at 6804 14th Street West (US 41) In Bradenton Florida. We are located about 2.9 miles North of the Airport (SRQ). The club's phone number is (941) 739-8724 and the web site is www.realrail.org. The club is in the process of building an entirely new HO layout to go along with our existing O gauge layout.

Most of our locomotives are equipped with decoders that provide authentic sounds as the train is in motion. .          The club also has an extensive library and for our younger visitors a wooden train play set featuring Thomas the Tank Engine. Also we have a retail store where model railroad materials such as engines, cars and track plus accessories (all donated to the club) are available for sale at very affordable prices. Those donating are not just club members but also members of the public who by reason of a death in the family,downsizing their home or for any reason have surplus model railroad materials they wish to pass on via the club. Such donations may qualify as a tax deduction and we have the paperwork on hand for the donor to take for that purpose. Our store is usually open during the Open House session and also usually on Tuesday's from 10 am to 4 pm and Thursday's from 1pm to around 4pm.

         We have a free Open House (donations accepted) every Saturday (1 - 2) except holiday weekends. Please check the club website for Summer hours. By all means bring your children, they will love it. The resident "Conductor" will often be on hand to issue each child a "ticket" punched with an authentic railroad ticket punch, thus giving each child a souvenir to take home with them. 

         The progress on our new HO layout continues apace. The members are adding anothewr helix to connect the two levels of the layout and cork roadbed is being laid down at a pretty good clip. Even some track is down but those sections are unwired and unconnected as yet. The wire is being ordered and should be here soon.



The link above will take you directly to the club's website.