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2017 Repair Facilities List (Updated)

Amateur Radio Repair Facility Database

The purpose of this compilation is only to provide the amateur radio operators of The West Central Florida Section with a listing of the known repair facilities available. No endorsement of any facility is intended. The decision of which provider the amateur radio operator should select is left up to the individual.

The data has been categorized in the following manner:

 1. Companies that are located in Florida.

 2. Manufacturers that maintain a national repair facility.
 3. Repair Facilities that advertise in national radio publications, or are known to the radio community in the WCF          Section.

 Where possible, the author has verified by phone call or e-mail the information contained in the database, but no warranty as to the correctness or completeness of the information is intended. In all cases, check with the repair facility selected before taking or sending equipment for repair, modification, or any other service.

 This database is in no way complete. Service facilities come into existence, change hands, go out of business, or change their policies all the time. This listing is only the information that was available to me as of June, 2017. Modifications and corrections will be added as necessary and as time is available. Please send changes, updates, etc. to Geoff Haines at email address - n1gy@arrl.net


Rodney J F Clark
1839 Tarah Trace Dr
Brandon, FL 33510
This operator was mentioned on the Technical Net as someone who does repairs on Ham Radio Equipment. He is an Extra class operator. I have no information on any storefront so I am making an assumption that he works from home. He also has been spoken of highly on the Tech Net.

Metro Electronics
4750 96th Street North, St Petersburg, FL
Dave Callahan, KC4WHO
General Class Operator
Metro Electronics is a parts sales and service establishment with a specialty in parts on LEDS but also has a full repair facility on site. Reports from local hams are very complimentary.

Technical Specialists,LLC

Technical Specialists, LLC
2014 Finland Dr
Spring Hill, Fl 34609


Web: www.amateurradiorepair.biz
Lee is apparently back to work full time after a fight with a spider and will do component level repairs on almost any radio brought or sent to him. The new web site (above) is still under construction but already there is plenty of info there.

International Radio Service Division
1118 Raymond Ave.
Ft. Pierce FL 34950
Fax 1-772-466-0248
Email: intlradio@juno.com
Facility offers repair service on most makes, modifications for Kenwood and some Yaesu equipment, some parts for KDK, batteries etc.


 ATOC Amateur Distributing LLC  ALINCO RADIOS Only
 23 S. High St.
Covington, OH 45318
Email: cs_alinco@atoctechnologies.com
Facility offers warranty and non-warranty repairs on Alinco Radios. Turnaround time dependent on workload (1 to 8 weeks)
Note: some older models may no longer be supported.

Icom America Inc.
2380 116th Ave. NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Website: http://www.icomamerica.com/
Facility offers warranty and non-warranty repairs on the Icom line of amateur radio equipment. Note: some older models may no longer be supported.

 Kenwood Communications
3975 Johns Creek Court
Suwanee, GA 30024
PO Box 22745

Long Beach CA 90801-5745
Customer Support
Fax 310-537-8235
Website: http://www.kenwood.net/
Facility offers warranty and non-warranty repairss on the Kenwood line of amateur radio equipment. Note: some older models may no longer be supported.

Ten-Tec Inc.
1185 Dolly Parton Parkway
Sevierville, TN 37862
Repair Dept.
Fax 865-428-4483
Email: service@tentec.com
Website: http://www.ten-tec.com
Facility provides service on most Ten-Tec equipment produced in the last 35 yrs. A few exceptions due to UN-availability of parts.

10900 Walker Street
Cypress CA 90630
Email: amateurtech@vxstdusa.com
Website: http://www.yaesu.com
Facility offers warranty and non-warranty repairs on the Vertex-Standard Line including Yaesu. Some older equipment may no longer be supported.


 Antique Radio Restoration and Repair
20 Gary School Road
Pomfret Center, CT 06259
Fax 860-928-2628
Email: bob@oldradiodoc.com
Website: http://www.oldradiodoc.com
Facility provides repair and restoration of antique radio equipment. Call to verify before sending equipment. Bob is semi retired and thus taking on much less than he used to.

 Amateur Radio Service Inc.
Paul Hansen W6XA
2411 Robert Nash Court
Tucker, GA 30084-3325
Email: pwhansen@bellsouth.net
Facility provides repairs on most amateur radio equipment
Contact before sending equip.

Mike Nadeau, N1EQ
Mike Nadeau, N1EQ
274 Covell Road
Fairfield Maine, 04937
Web Site: www.n1eq.com
Mike does very good work, and I speak from personal experience, but the list of rigs he will work on is limited. He specializes in Icom and Kenwood base rigs. The only mobile rig he works on is the IC-706MkIIG, which happens to be my favorite rig. His service is outstanding. He is very certain of the procedure to get him to work on a rig but the results speak for themselves. See the web site first and follow all of the instructions. Shipping is via UPS Ground both ways