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This new guy is a GE 70 tonner loco. Currently unmarked, I hope to have signage made for the  museum railroad some day soon.

Here is another geared locomotive usually used in the logging or mining industry. Called a "Climax" locomotive, the cylinders are hiding behind the wooden sides near the front of the loco.

This is known as a "Galloping Goose". This one happens to be HO gauge but the real ones were 3 foot narrow gauge.

This is the latest aquisition in two ways. It is my latest , yes, and also the final SW-1500 in my sub-collection of NW-2 through SW-1500 locomotives of which I have 5 at present. I am not sure why I like these little switch engines so much, but I do. THey are my vary favorite loco but I think 5 is enough. 

I saw this at the Model Railroad Club today and honestly, I just could not resist it. It followed me home and although I do not model The Great Northern Railroad, I just had to add it to the roster. The layout is a railroad museum of sorts, after all.

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My Model Railroad Page 26

The somewhat larger unit on the right hand side of this photo is a self propelled ballast car with a crane both for ballast containers and whatever would be too heavy for the crane behind the speeder. This completes my MOW collection as I already have a 250 ton crane and boom car as well as numerous other cars associated with the MOW crews.

This is my latest, a MOW crew in a speeder with a crane car and a trailer car behind. The entire assembly takes up the same space as the loco just above, but the speeder actually is powered. Unfortunately, I see no way to add DCC to this one.