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November 14, 2020

           My son and daughter in law have come to visit and boy have they been busy. My son noted on his last visit that the floor of my Florida Room was somewhat damaged at the east end by water intrusion because of some torn plastic windows at that end of the room. He had already replaced the windows on his last visit but said he would fix the floor on this one. Boy did he! He laid a whole new floor, replaced the baseboard trim around the entire room. Meanwhile Irene had also been busy repainting the frame of a glass table I have had for many years to match the new trim. My contribution was to go out and buy three new resin chairs to complete the set. My son always has a "job list" when he comes down to visit, lately it has been mostly building benchwork for my new hobby of model railroading. With that copmplete, except for details, the jobs now are mostly about improving the details surrounding my day to day existence. Withjout his and her help, along with the rest of my family I would be in a much less nice place. My eldest daughter does my shopping every week, my youngest daughter's husband makes the best display cases for my growing collection of trains and their wholew family often shows up just to do the weeding around the yard and make sure dad is OK. I love them all and thank them frequently for all their help.

November 12, 2020          

     Not much to report on the railroad today but I was asked this morning if I could come up with a way to connect a foot PTT switch to an FTM-400. That was an easy one, since it uses the same microphone that Yaesu applies to almost all of their VHF/UHF radios, analog and digital. Make up a short RJ-12 cable and apply it to an RJ-12 female. Splice a wire into the PTT line (pin6) and one more to Ground (pin4) and wire the two of them to a 3.5mm mono jack (ground to shield and PTT to tip) Plug in a suitable foot PTT switch and plug your choice of a mic (desk or boom version) into the female RJ-12. Now you can control the PTT with your foot and have both hands free to log entries. If you look at the diagram on the Yaesu Headset adaptor Page you will see how the PTT is wired into the circuit. To add a jack for the Foot PTT just wire it across the built in PTT switch and you will have your choice, a PTT button or a PTT foot switch.

November 1, 2020

          Today is Sunday, November first. I already voted and handed my ballot directly to the Elections office in my city. Election Day is November 3rd, just 2 days away. Make sure you vote this year it is even more important than any other year. Okay, that is as political as I will ever get. The heavy duty overhead crane has been installed on the layout. It will (in concept) provide a way to get visiting locomotives off the Lo-Boy trailer and onto the museum tracks (in real life they use a rail ramp from the trailer to the end of track at a siding but I do not have such a spot on my layout that would also accomodate the trailer). Thus I used an alternate method to accomplish the same thing. The fact that it will be very useful to the Restoration Shop is also great.

October 29, 2020

        Well, my attempts to simplify my radio roster have met with some success. I have sold off both of my 220 rigs and my Screwdriver antenna. I have received an offer on my extra IC-706MkIIG which has a bunch of extras along with it. Now the only "problem" is my monumental stash of parts, components and cables, I have no doubt that when I pass, there will be a giant trip to the dump to clean out my office but I will leave that to someone else unfortunately. I do wish there were more builders in ham radio as these parts could be put to good use if only there was someone to take them off my hands before the job gets left to my family. Please, if you need a part, see me first, I probably have more than you can use.

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