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UPDATES From The Radio Room Page 9

October 15, 2018

               This morning I was looking at the page on the JT-270M and realized that I had spent a lot of time and effort on the "Scooter Radio" aspect and very little on the Go-Kit aspect of the radio. I have added a paragraph at the bottom of the page to address this and if I can find a used  example of this radio at a decent price. I will detail the build as an over the shoulder portable rig. I also cleaned up a couple of portions of the text which were accidentally double spaced in the original setup. They are now single spaced like all the other text on the page.


October 13, 2018

               This evening I was looking over the page on the JT-270M and realized that much of a very long page was out of date and indeed redundant. So I removed a fair amount of material, both text and pictures. I did leave some material on the original "radio in a basket" material but most of the stuff on antennas that did not work was removed. I will be adding a couple more pictures in the near future.


October 12, 2018

              More slight changes today and last night. I rebuilt the mounting system for the JT-270M. I used the  same basic concept but made it out of better looking 1/8" ABS Plastic sheet and aluminum angle. The mic holder, or clip if you prefer, was moved up onto the same panel as the radio to make it easier to get hold of. The antenna was moved to a new mount at the aft end of the box and secured to the box lid. A slight change to the wiring added a pigtail that exits the box so that recharging can be done without having to open the box. I also built a small digital voltmeter that can be plugged into the pigtail to check on the battery voltage. The voltmeter is stored in the pocket on the back of the scooter seat along with the antenna radiator when not in use. THe only "fly in the ointment" is that I can no longer drive the scooter off the lift forwards. If I try the radio box smacks into the lift arm. I guess I will get used to backing off the lift in due time. Brief testing demonstrated little to no change in the operation of the radio. I can still hit the same repeaters I could with the radio in the scooter basket. This set up frees the basket(s) up to carry purchases either at a hamfest or grocery shopping. Oddly enough, I took the scooter food shopping this morning and as far as I could tell, no one even noticed the radio on the scooters right side. 

              On another note, MFJ still refuses to admit that they essentially stole the design for the "Octopus Antenna" from the pages of QST. I have decided that since legal remedies are apparently unavailable, I will simply remind everyone I talk to about the apparent lack of ethics on the part of MFJ. Since I am the Technical Coordinator of my ARRL section, I talk to many hams over the course of a year both at hamfests and technical conferences. At each venue I will simply tell my story and relate what MFJ's response has been. Ethics does not seem to be big in the minds of many companies in this day and age but I would have expected better from a company that relies on a somewhat niche customer base as their only customers. Too Bad.


October 11, 2018

            Today I made a major change to one of my earlier projects. The Scooter Radio project which is detailed on the "The New Jetstream JT-270M as a self contained Go-Kit Radio" page has been altered in what I consider a major way. One of the problems I have always had with the radio mounted in the front basket was that it took up all the storage capacity of the scooter. When I went to any large hamfest, which was one of thereasons I bought the scooter in the first place, all of the purchases and freebies and literature would wind up in a bag between my feet since the basket was full of batteries and radio gear. 

              I have removed the radio and batteries from the basket and installed them into and on a small "ammo" container that has been residing in the radio room for several years. The radio and external speaker are mounted on the top of the box and the batteries are positioned inside. The same antenna set up is used but now mounted on the far side of the box from the operator. Right now it is a bit rough and ready but everything works as in the past. This frees up the basket on the front of the scooter to carry other stuff at hamfests and other venues. As changes are made to the design I will, of course, keep you all posted here on the Web site.


October 8, 2018

           As you can see, I have added another page to the UPDATES. This is page 9 and it actually should have been started a few days ago. I have been adding material and writing about it but I failed to notice that Page 8 had gone well past the usual cutoff that I deem time to start another page. Keeping the pages to a certain length makes it easier to find a specific update, at least that is how I look at it. I have also re-arranged some pages on the Navigation Panel on the left side of every page to try to group similar pages closer together. As an example, most of the material on the Yaesu FT-7900  series of radios are now in close proximity. Most of the article pages like "why you should join a local ham radio club are also grouped together. As new pages get posted I will try to place them appropriately.