N1GY- The simple Approach to Ham Radio

April 3, 2020

            just a brief update, I am sheltering at home, and I am fine. Work on the railroad continues albeit slowly. I have started adding bushes and other scenic elements to the newest portion of the layout. Because my back is in it's current state, I cannot stand for too long so the work proceeds slowly as I said before. I did get a very nice email from a reader a few days ago wherein he thanked me for the info he was able to glean from the site, which brightened my day. I appear to have binge watched just about all the British Crime Drama that I can handle for the moment so I am back on the computer for a while. Mostly playiing online games like Hearts and Cribbage, among others. We will overcome this latest pandemic I am sure. 


March 24, 2020

            The question about the Xiegu X5105 transceiver has been answered by the representative for Europe who also stated that they have just such an nadapter in place and for sale. I recommended to the ham that she purchase the adapter which I understand she did. I did send her two PTT switches adapted for that device, a foot switch and a push button switch. The page 10 about my model railroad has been added to as well and work on that project continues slowly but it continues.


March 8, 2020

           I have added a Page 10 to the pages about my model railroad layout. As yet there is nothing on the page but I will be adding both pictures and text as the layout progresses. When I added the last picture to Page 9 I realised that that page had reached it's terminal point so it was time to add another page. My supply of ground cover has been restored at least in one shade of green but i will need other shades and types of ground cover as the project moves forward. On another note, I had an interesting email from a ham who has purchased a Xiegu X5105 transceiver and wants a headset adapter to go with it. I have contacted Xiegu about the mic pinouts (which I have) to explain some anomalies in the circuitry and if I get an answer from them I should be able to proceed with constructing the adaptor. 


March 1, 2020

             I am working slowly on the new portion of the layout right now. I had Carpal Tunnel Surgery last Wednesday and  my left hand and wrist are still wrapped up in the dressings my surgeon installed at the time. My fingers feel much better and I have had little to no pain since. That is unless I forget and place some stress on the wrist, in which case I am quickly reminded "NOT TO DO THAT"!. Otherwise, all is fine.


February 25, 2020

           I was asked by my Model Railroad club, RealRail, here in Bradenton, to give a short talk on my DIY Resistance Soldering Unit. By all accounts it was well received and I am very grateful to the club for even asking me, a complete newby to the club. The talk went very easily, the club has a big screen TV which I connected my laptop to via HDMI so I could use my web site as the visual graphics for the talk.


February 20, 2020

          I have added a Page 9 to the series on my model railroad. This has been a absolutely marvelous time for me as I was looking for a hobby (in addition to amateur radio) that would let me continue to build stuff. This is different than building the electronic gadgets that I was building before, but just as satisfying. There is carpentry although I do need help with that because of my age and dare I say it some infirmities. There is the construction of buildings, rolling stock and railroad facilities as well as scenery and there is the ever ongoing addition of the little details that make any model railroad come to life. People, automobiles, vignettes or little scenes within scenes which by themselves may not always be noticed by the casual observer, but when they are, bring a sense of action and life to the layout and all the things on it.


February 18, 2020

          It was time to add a new page to the Updates pages as the previous page had slightly exceeded it's allotted space. Nothing to report yet but There will be in about a week.

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