N1GY- The simple Approach to Ham Radio

This is the new caboose I mentioned on the previous page. Nothing fancy but it replaces the caboose that I destroyed in my initial attempt to kitbash a transfer caboose

This is a model of a scale test car. In the real world these are very precisely wheighted cars which are used to test railroad scales all over the country. Each railroad will have several and routinely test scales on thei system with the known weight of these cars.

My Model Railroad Page 18

The latest addition to the locomotive roster is an RS-3. A somewhat older loco it will eventually pull double duty for the museum and for the short line.

This is the last original structure to go onto the layout. I built the island it stands on several months ago but could not find a suitable lighthouse (at a suitable price) until now. It even came equipped with a flashing LED. I have a switch on the fascia underneath the lighthouse that turns the LED off and on. The circuit is inside the lighthouse. I do have another circuit coming which may provide a more realistic flash sequence to more properly imitate the rotating beacon of a real lighthouse. Finally, the harbor scene is complete.