This is a new page which will be added to as time goes by. It's purpose is to provide Amateur Radio Club Newsletter Editors with articles that they can use in their monthly newsletters. Proper Author credit must be given and the copyright remains with the author at all times. As a newsletter editor myself I understand fully the difficulty of finding relevant articles or material to fill the pages of a monthly newsletter each month. Discussions with a published author of ham radio literature and a frequent contributor to newsletters have resulted in a project to create a source so that editors could use material from beyond their local club or even beyond their local area, considerably increasing the available resources.       Many people have written articles for their local newsletter, sometimes on technical topics or projects, sometimes on disaster preparation or station design or any of a thousand different topics. What we are trying to do here is create a kind of "master file" so that a local editor can look for and hopefully find an article to place in the next issue of his or her newsletter. Our hope is that they will in turn add articles they already have from their local authors (with permission of the author of course) to this "master file" and in the process create a "co-op" of material that newsletter editors from all over the country can access to raise the level of readability of their local newsletter.

  Obviously, the permission of each individual author will be required to place material in the file. Our initial plan is post only a link to each article on this page. The user would then follow the link to the material and download it from there. I cannot stress enough that material that is copyrighted elsewhere such as QST or CQ is not appropriate for this service. Only articles and or material that has not been published commercially is requested. 

   If you would like to submit an article for this project, please email me at or through the contact page elsewhere on this site and we can arrange to add a link to the material on this page. Still to be determined is the method of arranging the material, whether alphabetical or by subject. It is very early days for this project so please bear with us while we work out the kinks.

    Speaking for myself, any material on this web site is available for a newsletter author to use as long as proper credit is given and the author's permission is asked for and received in advance of any republication.


1. Please make sure that the Author's biographical info (no more than 1 paragraph) is included with the article along with the author's copyright. 

2. Please save the article and accompanying material as a PDF file. 

3. Submit only the link to the PDF file.

4. The operator(s) of this resource will determine if an article is appropriate for inclusion in the resource. They will have full authority to make the determination and their decision is final. Please do not submit any libelous material or "tests" proclaiming that so and so's gadget is trash. We leave that to the respondents on a different site.

5. Technical articles will not be tested for accuracy. This means if you submit an article on how to build a widget we are not going to build the widget to make sure it works. We leave that to the author along with any corrections or omissions. Should such corrections or omissions be made available they will be added to the listing as a link along with the original link to the article.

6. We do not have the time or resources to proofread every article. Please double check any material intended for submission for spelling and grammar. Remember if you misspell it, it will show up in print and it is your name at the top of the article.




N1GY- The simple Approach to Ham Radio

Geoffrey Haines, N1GY

      Any of the articles on this web site are available to be republished in club newsletters or for distribution at no charge to club meetings and similar venues. NO COMMERCIAL USE IS PERMITTED WITHOUT THE EXPRESS PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR.  Simply copy and paste the material into your newsletter. Proper credit to the author is required along with a statement of copyright dated 2017