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N1GY- The simple Approach to Ham Radio

February 12, 2019

                 An update is in order about the scooter radio installation. After a discussion with the people at Batteries Plus I discovered that a small well behind and under the back of the seat was just the right size for a single 7 AH SLA battery. A metal strap covered in heat shrink secures the battery in place and a spliced in Anderson Power Pole port allows for recharging the battery without having to remove it from the scooter. Another extension cord looks to be in the offing.                  On another note, I took the antenna I built for use on a sailboat to the weekly "Burger Day" at a local restaurant. The individual for whom it was intended was blown away and now definitley intends to use it on his sailing excursion. Pictures of both projects will follow in due time. 


February 10, 2019

                 A couple of new projects have been initiated at N1GY. The first is a dual band vertical dipole that was intended for a fellow ham's sailing experience. I would not call it an adventure, he is only sailing locally and only for a few days. I spent about $70.00 on the project but now it appears that he may use something else instead. I will show my design to him on Monday and see what his thoughts are then. The other project was a total redesign of the scooter radio set-up. I had a couple of minor collisions at Orlando Hamcation between the radio battery box and the various non-ADA compliant doors at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The upshot was that the mounting bolts for the battery box got bent and left the box hanging even further off to my right. I decided, once I had the unit disassembled to separate the radio from the battery box, build a new battery box and mount it somewhere within the space occupied by the scooter rather than off to one sidex. That part of the project is still in the design stage, I will have more on the whole thing when I get that finished.


February 8, 2019

             I have just returned from the opening day of Orlando Hamcation 2019. This major hamfest grows bigger every year. It has become almost as big as The National Hamvention in Xenia Ohio (used to be called Dayton).I have even heard that some vendors would rather come to Orlando in February than "Dayton/Xenia" in May. Time will tell who gets the top spot. In any case I did not have to buy much this year, just a few antenna mounts and some dual band whips for a soon to start project. I spent most of the day at the ARRL booth where myself and others answered questions, gave away new ARRL Calendars and pointed people in the right direction depending on what they were looking for. Lunch was nice if a bit pricy but then everything is getting more expensive all the time. The turnout of hams was outstanding for a Friday and I expect that Saturday will be even busier.


January 23, 2019

          Once again it has become necessary to add another page for Updates from the Radio Room since the previous page has filled up to the bottom of the navigation panel on the left side of the page. Anything longer than that and it becomes unwieldy for the reader. I added the last entry to Page 10 today and then observed that Page 10 had hit the self imposed limit. Thus Page 11 was created. I decided to go ahead and do it now rather than wait for the next update.