N1GY- The simple Approach to Ham Radio

August 9, 2018,

      I am sorry to report that after testing the transformer mentioned on page 7 of the "UPDATES", it has been determined that one of the windings is shorted out. Thus the transformer has been converted to a rather beefy paperweight. I removed the dangling wires on both sides of the unit and it now resides on my desk as a method of keeping papers from moving around and as a field expedient hand operated weapon. Ah well at least it has a purpose. 


August 8, 2018

      As you can see, a new "UPDATES From The Radio Room" page has been added. Page 7 was getting a bit long and I probably should have started page 8 a few entries ago. Having, once again been required to call GoDaddy to help me figure out how to maneuver around the Navigation Panel to put Page 8 in the proper place I have written the instructions down on paper and I have posted them on one of my many filing cabinets. It actually is so easy, you would think I could remember how to do it. Each Updates page generally takes a few months to fill up before I need a new page, so the instructions kind of fade into the background. This time I am going to put them up where I can see them.

       Ain't growing old fun!!!!


UPDATES from the radio room Page 8