N1GY- The simple Approach to Ham Radio

and My Model Railroad Hobby

Here is the latest display case. It is already partly loaded with my 11 switcher locos plus the GS-4 and almost invisible because of it's color (black) to the left of the GS-4 is a 3 truck Shay logging locomotive. Still have 3 more shelves to fill when I decide what goes where.

​My Model Railroad Page 27

Here is my second articulated locomotive, a PRR 2-8-8-2 Mallett locomotive. Very strong and intended for heavy slow freight service and eventually, pusher service on the steeper grades of the PRR..

This is #10 in my collection of  NW-2 through SW-1500 switching locomotives. A #11 is on it's way but is still a few days out. When it arrives I will officially run out of display space until I figure out how and where to add more. The thinking cap is on and I can smell brain cells smoking but no answers yet.

Here is number 11 in my collection of NW/SW locomotives. That is as far as that collection will go. I really like these little guys who can do so much and are still going strong all over North America.

This is a replacement for the same unit I tossed because of an unrepairable axle on the final driver. Unfortunately, this one arrived with exactly the same problem and while I will keep as a display item only, I am disappointed that the seller did not disclose the fault before I bought it. Live and learn!!!.